Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Friends!!??? , Not us!!

“Hi! Anuj”, Rishi called out. “You know, we have a new classmate, and she is…” Went on Rishi. “ Tell me something new, buddy, we just had an introduction”, said Anuj with an air. This made Rishi feel jealous. “Don’t cry, chum, better luck next time”, teased Anuj. “Please!! You think, you can make me cry?? You have weird notions!!” replied Rishi. This was the umpteenth time both of them fell for the same girl. Whenever there was a new entry in a class, both used to vie for having an introduction first. They had competition for almost everything obtainable. The two had a great sagacity and a good sense of humor; both were geniuses and were very ambitious. Both had diverse aims though. Anuj dreamt of joining the army and Rishi had a goal of joining the NASA.
All through their college life they stayed together, enjoying life, hanging out with their group and flirting around. They were the cool dudes of their time. They liked compliments and loved to hear praises. Just one thing reckoned their nerves. The two of them hated to be called “good friends”. They always insisted that they weren’t friends and were mere classmates. Ironically they explained that they were together just to have a sense of the “gennext” challenge. Friendship seemed to have no subsistence in their dictionary.
Many times, the two consoled each other for their failures, shared dreams and guided each other through harsh times; but they never called themselves friends. Committing to friendship, according to them, made them poignant. They were the practical, no-nonsense chaps and never regarded emotions. These made them conceal their feelings in public. Pragmatism reigned and they never expressed what they felt.
With the passage of time, they went on to pursue their dreams. Anuj had to deal with a strong opposition from his family. They forbade him to join the army and insisted on joining some lucrative office job. Anuj found it hard to accept that his dreams and desires were shattered. He was left with no support. His dire attitude towards people left him alone. His heart ached for a friend. He missed Rishi awfully. He remembered all the good times when they shared their ideas, supported each other and enjoyed life facing each day with a new zeal. He recollected the old days when they dreamt of accomplishing the challenges. He strongly wished to have Rishi back. Rishi, on the other hand grieved for having Anuj. The competition seemed tough and that made him realize the importance of a friend. It was late. They hadn’t expressed what they felt. Absence of a friend made their hearts grow fonder.
On fine day, in the summers of the New York City, the two met again. The longing hearts finally found solace. They were face to face with each other. The blunt guys had a few tears in eyes, their hearts called out for a hug. But their practicality stopped them from being humble.
“Rishi, I can see tears in your eyes” said Anuj. “ Hmmm… You are the only one, man, who can ever make me cry, and you made me…” Both hugged each other. The friendship, which had no clarity finally got the due name and respect. They were not together in hard-hitting times, but they decided to be there for each other in times of joy and sorrow. The unexpressed feelings, the silent sighs, the dead words, suddenly came to life and they promised to be together through thick and thin. They said nothing. They did nothing. But all was confessed with twinkling tears in eyes. They both headed towards the cafĂ©. They wanted to celebrate the old friendship, which had acquired a new definition.
Their eyes scrutinized the environment, as they felt each other’s presence. Anuj looked at Rishi with an astonished gaze; Rishi gave back the same look. Smiles cropped up. The naughty looks in the eyes came back to life. “Let’s go for it”, said Anuj. “Me first” said Rishi as he tucked his shirt in. Both had fallen for the same girl, one more time, and then they again contested for an introduction………