Thursday, June 26, 2008

Senorita, Wake up!!

The alarm is ringing in its high pitched tone again. I feel miserable. “Wake up, Senorita……!” The yells seem to have gone to no purpose. I wonder when will she wake up and start her day. I am waiting…. You have a job!! You have responsibility!! You are the only one responsible for all (wrongs :p) that happens in and around your milieu. You will have to wake up and stare bravely at the morning sun, obtain enthusiasm and begin your day with zeal…

Everyday is the same… The nature greets us with the dawn, and in turn waits for an acceptance from all of us, but some people fail to appreciate nature’s endeavor.

She is awake, but has been in a subterranean sleep since so many days. She has been dreaming of all good and useless things. It seems as if she has found solace in her reveries too. She loves the space of Imaginations and Illusions. The world around her is changing so fast. I can see it!! I have been telling her about it since a very long time. Talks have gone futile... Philosophies and Explanations -unheeded. At times some realities seem to involuntarily wake her up. They try to tell her the facts of life. They emphasize on the bitter truths that are to be faced. But nothing has an effect on her.

Look Senorita!! You have a task here, an aim there, a goal here, a dream there… wake up…! You have to achieve the targets you had set for yourself. You have to be a part of the hoopla called as “The Illustrious League” which you have always dreamt of. But now your dreams seemed to have changed, they have taken you to a strange land, and you are enjoying your utopian fantasies.

You are not a mere name on you birth certificate, Senorita, you are not born to just survive, you are not here to live for ‘n’ number of years and die. You are here for a reason. You are your own God. You have to wake up to realize those dreams.

Wake Up …You have a so much to do, so much to accomplish and a lot more to give and share with the world…
Look at the sunrise, Be the Sunrise…
Wake up, before it is too late… Senorita…. Wake up!!!