Friday, June 06, 2008

Purpose, Idea, Inspiration….

I appreciate, with all my heart, this one attempt… It is simplicity and thoughts penned down in perfection… A thought to think, and a thing to do...

Credits : Varghese Kutty.

By the Street Side

Walking down the street
I saw the street, it was busy
People moving and I could see the worries and tension they were carrying along with them and I paused to think what I was doing
Perhaps flowing like the river
I was one among them and then my eyes wandered around to look for a happy man….and I saw a few children playing hide and seek,

I could see they were enjoying

Unaware of the trials and the difficulties the future had hidden for them
I stood there for a while
Smiling, quenching my quest seeing them enjoy….
Forgetting my worries and responsibilities for a while…
Then I moved ahead with the soul by my side –talking and arguing with me..
I moved and found few old people selling vegetables by the street side.
“Were they happy?”, I pondered, but they were making their living.
Moving ahead I saw few moving in their AC cars – and I questioned and I paused to think again….

What was I looking for?
Quick came the answer from my soul. You are looking for a meaning. A meaning that your life could define and I thought I was living to die one day?
Would I achieve my dreams?
Dreams that remain plenty and still undefined….
The path seems empty and unexplored.
I continued walking along the street side and the soul by my side.
Arguing and fighting ….
Still with an unanswered question…
“Will I die before I leave my footprints strong enough to leave its mark? Will I die before giving a meaning to my life………..