Friday, February 01, 2008

A Perfect Life

The times, I remember when there was fun,
Lots of exuberance under the sun
High aims and unbound dreams
A perfect life as it seemed
With a little positive experience of life
Everything seemed perfect and nice
With proud heads striving for making a name
Working hard and fulfilling aims.
The youth seemed a bright span
For learning lessons and to understand
The realities of life, the facts, the feats
Which guide us on life’s lonely street
They make us ready for challenges, so strange
Which pose in our lives in different frames
The innocence seems to be replaced by might
Gathering will to succeed in the fight.
The games, the challenges that we used to cherish
The optimism has subsided, the guts have perished
The times I, remember when in defeat we smiled
We appreciated the efforts that were honestly piled.
We owned our imaginations, we had our dreams
It was a perfect life, as it seemed.