Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mirror Image

I fought against the light and walked against the tides.
I swam across the oceans to an unknown place.
I was busy making all people glad,
The image in the mirror seemed an unfamiliar face……….

The reflection asked whether I knew myself.
I smiled, but didn’t know what to say
Mockery or Reality? I was given a choice
It said there wouldn’t be any replay.

A Monologue began and the image spoke
And I thought I was speaking all the while
The words were harsh and they tried to evoke
All the passions that appeared futile.

I assumed I was happy with all the serenity around
I thought I better look inside, one time
All the tunes of mind seemed harmonized
The lyrics of my soul just failed to rhyme.

I felt helpless as the mirror deceived
The image smiled and gave a staid glance
Fear reigned as I gathered my thoughts
And I knew I wouldn’t get a second chance

I fought for the world, I played so well,
I consoled humanity with a pleasant embrace
I had concealed myself, and blamed the mirror
Because I couldn’t recognize the unfamiliar face.