Thursday, December 06, 2007

Only if the train remains on the track!!!

“Zindagi rail ki patri ki tarah hoti hain, aur hum rail gaadi, agar gaadi patri par chale to sab thik chal raha hota hain, warna…….. blah blah blah”……

There was this creepy dialogue from a movie that I saw recently which said that life is like a railway track. If we keep things on track, and lead a good life, the train will never fall off the track and the journey will be a safe one. But if something goes wrong, then the “rail ki patri” will put the train off the track and then it’ll all be a mess. I remember how we laughed on this dialogue when an old station master tried explaining the subtlety of life by giving an instance such as this!!!

That was the time when the railway track thing was mentioned and it completely got out my mind. And today when I received a mail, which had, this picture, I realized, how wonderful the journey can be if we can take care of small things and keep our trains on track!! Every track leads to a destination. And if we could only foresee where we are supposed to finally reach, then things wouldn’t be as challenging as they seem to be otherwise. No one knows what the ultimate destination is. But there is a figment of imagination that works wonders for us, when we try to trace down the entire path.

There is always a picture of our destinations in our mind. Our reveries are all a part of such things. The people, who will accompany us during the journey, to the beautiful chateaus you will build are all a part of our imaginations. We dream about the wonderful sunrises and the sunsets, the caresses under the shade of mahogany, beautiful flowers adorning the Gulmohar, green pastures exhibiting the seasonal beauties, a path, all yours, with people who would take you to places where things seem so beautiful…….. But this would only happen if the journey is safe and As long as the train remains on the track!!!

But reality is totally different! There are trials, there are times when we lose. We lose games, we lose people, we lose our love, friends…. But before we lose on the lesson of life, we can learn to enjoy the entire journey, even if it is tough, and reach the end being content and happy.

Walking on the life’s street, when we see something bad happening we can always look up to Mizaru, when there is something bad being said, we can follow Mikazaru, and when we are about to say something bad there is always a Mazaru within us to help us understand what is good and what is bad. All we need to do is to listen to the angel within, instead of listening to the devil who tries to take you to pleasant roads. And these roads lead nowhere. It’s very difficult to stick to the track and let your life take a path, even if it is a tough one, which will lead to a beautiful destination!!!

I don’t follow much of these, but yes, this is a thought to think, and a thing to do, for me, and for all those who believe that the end of the railway track, on which our train runs, will be splendid. The people around will be beautiful and the canvas of our imagination will be filled with the colors of reality!!!
…………….Only if the Train remains on the track!!!