Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Story of eons and ages

Age seems to be a swindler. With the Fourth Dimension changing continuously, there isn’t anything that remains stationary. Many things come and go; many people become part of your life and leave you for good. There are many deceptions. Age is the biggest deceiver. My favorite quote goes like this:

You can’t hold back the dawn
Or stop the tide from flowing,
Or keep a rose from withering
Or still a wind that is blowing

And time cannot be halted
In its swift and endless flight
For parting is sure to follow meeting
As day comes after night.

Age hasn’t betrayed me as yet, but empathizing with an aged person, who has lost his/her partner, a rhyme that struck me goes like this:

The feelings so fresh, on the damp yellow pages
The story so new, of eons and ages
The ink is faded, but shines in its blue
The pen is jaded, but it still writes for you

The fragrance so bright of the dried red rose
The color of your eyes, with all cares composed
The petals are fragile with leaves and thorns
These things remind me of auburn dusks and golden dawns

The broken glass pieces still carry the scent
They speak out their hearts, everything that I meant
The candles don’t burn, but they enlighten my room
The picture frames remind me of our days and doom

For ages, your face has been the same
Your eyes speak sagas; your smile takes my name
A picture I don’t need to reminisce with the bond
You still are with me, even when you are gone!

I live alone and love the days
Age seems to deceive me as I travel my ways
But feelings are fresh, as I go through the pages
Our new-fangled story of eons and ages!!!!!