Thursday, November 22, 2007


I thought I would freak out and have some fun
I thought I would shake a leg after bidding adieu to the sun
I thought I’d find myself, when everyone’s lost
I ended up in smoke and fire without any cost

The sloppy guys intoxicated the air
They blistered their lungs with absolutely no care
The music seemed to drop souls down
The spirits ran high as the ice cubes drowned

The ladies flaunted their skirts and heels
They amused the hunks with a dare-bare deal
The strings sounded harsh, the drums exploded
Booze poured down as sorrows eroded

LP and pink floyd was crowd’s demand
The DJ played well on the frank command.
Music calmed down many a soul
Rhythms were on track, minds out of control

I freaked out one night and had great fun
I shook a leg on music without any concern
I kicked the grief and chased the blue
The smoke seemed silver, with the midnight dew!!!

For the very first time when i stood under the moon at 1' o clock in the night, in front of a disc, sipped coffee after that, in CCD, i thought about the situation which led to an ambiguity..... I could have had a guilty conscience for not being back home before 10, or i could have enjoyed the experience... I did enjoy the experience.. escalating the first post, here is another "first time" i would cherish all my life... an obscure optimist can't do anything else!!!!!