Thursday, November 01, 2007

First Blog, first post….

When I was ten and something, I made my first ‘group’ of friends. They were the best buddies I had and still have!!! They were good at so many things, and I did so many good things, for the first time in my life.
It was the first time I got to live the adventure I always wanted to!!! We climbed trees which had branches at 15 feet from the ground (I still wonder how we did that), we had names for all the trees in our compound, we fought on what names the trees should have, we walked on the parapet wall of the Building- when it was 4 feet (before construction) we did that confidently and when it was 10, we still walked on it without fear!!! , we stole guavas from the neighbor’s house, until the old lady scared the hell out of us, distributed the entire lot we had gathered, shared the scolding we got from our parents……..
we played hide and seek and hid where we weren’t supposed to hide. We went around the entire colony looking for certain species of flower, we discussed what happens to the spirits during the day time, and we spent hours on the apartment terrace talking about our dreams…..
During the summer holidays, we went cycling to the university campus, although we didn’t know the way. After reaching in there, we explored different paths of the campus all alone…
And the feeling of relief which we got after seeing each other back at the starting points still makes me smile…..
There were so many ‘first time’s to so many things….
Writing this post is just another one…..
I dedicate this post to the guys who made my ‘first times’ so damn special!!!